On Bambam’s recent tweet, he is happy to announce that he is finally on TikTok!

In less than 24 hours after his announcement on May 3, his TikTok account already gained 890,000 followers and 1.5M likes.

You can follow BamBam here!

On top of it, he asked his fans what TikTok entry they wanted to see from him and one of the Ahgases replied to the tweet saying that he should try to do the ‘Booty Wurk Challenge’ choreographed by the YouTube PH Creator, Niana Guerrero.

Bambam happily replied to his fan and a few hours after, Niana herself left a reply saying that, she is looking forward to see Bambam do the challenge!

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Aaaw! We love the interaction between Bambam, a Filo Ahgase, and one of the famous YT creators here in the country!

Let us not forget to follow and support Bambam and Niana on their TikTok handles!

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