#AOExclusives: South Korean Producer Lee Oh Won of ‘RealBros’ Talks About Working With Filipino Idol Group ‘SB19’ and More

Philippines’ very own idol group SB19 is indeed the talk of the town these past few days. These talented boys deserve all the recognition that they are getting right now.

Even the well-known Korean music producer Lee Oh Won of ‘Realbros’ is very amazed with SB19’s talents. They have also worked with different K-Pop artists like SHINee’s Taemin, Stray Kids, TVXQ and Wanna One.

RealBros are the people behind their latest single ‘Go Up’. Annyeong Oppa team got the chance to interview Mr. Lee Oh Won of ‘RealBros’ and ask how was it like to work with the Filipino idol group.

“Aside from Koreans, i have also experienced working with Taiwanese, Chinese and Japanese artists. This is the first time that i worked with Filipino artists. In fact, after our first recording with SB19, i was very surprise because they were really better than i thought. During our recording, the members’ performance were amazing. The members were trained for long hours of hard training (Singing, dancing, etc.) and they practice really hard. I think SB19 members are really prepared like a Korean idol group. It was nice seeing them them working hard. I am happy to see their effort.” Producer Lee said.

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AO: Do you consider working with other Filipino artists too aside from SB19?

“Ofcourse! If i have a chance, I think it will be fun. In fact, i have never been to the Philippines. SB19 members personally came to our studio here in Korea. We’ve successfully finished our recording, thanks to them. The Filipinos are very attractive, pure and people with good image. I think i am going to enjoy working with other Filipino artists too.”

AO: Of all the songs you produced, which one is your favorite? Or considered as very special to you?

“It’s Wanna One’s Always. Thanks to Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2, i got the chance to participate on the last episode as a Producer of the final song. Many people recognized the song especially kids at the graduation ceremonies sang it. It was an opportunity that everyone knows and sing that song alot and fans around the world know that song. Also, I had to do the filming and recording with the Top 20 trainees. It was difficult to remember because during that time i could only sleep for 3 hours in 3 days due to working schedule.

AO: Please say something to the Filipino fans who loves the songs that Realbros produced.

“Fans? Do i have a fan too? haha! (Just Kidding!) I will try to be an artist who can give happiness and hope through a better music. I am planning to visit the Philippines as soon as possible.”

On behalf of Annyeong Oppa team, congratulations again to the boys of SB19 and ofcourse RealBros Music Group for the success of ‘Go Up’. You can stream their songs on Spotify and YouTube.

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