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SB19 becomes the first-ever P-pop group to be nominated for Billboard Music Awards

When SB19 said “we gonna go up” and “iwawagayway ang watawat,” they really mean it!

P-pop kings SB19 set the record of becoming the first-ever P-pop group nominated for Billboard Music Awards and also the first-ever Southeast Asian act to do so.

Jeff Benjamin, a columnist on Billboard, announced on April 29 that SB19 is nominated at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards for Top Social Artist making them the first-ever Filipino group to make it in the nomination of the said global award.

For the past few years and months, SB19 has been constantly bagging ranks in Billboard Chart categories namely:

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For the record, SB19 became the first Filipino boy group debuted on Billboard’s Social 50 chart way back in December 2019.

SB19 is considered a Top Social Artist finalist along with big stars and idols such as BTS, BLACKPINK, Ariana Grande, and Seventeen.

Being nominated alone is already a huge achievement but SB19 made it extra way special by always keeping their feet on the ground and acknowledging the endless efforts of their fans, A’TIN.

Congratulations SB19 on this new milestone! We, A’TIN are beyond proud of you. Keep rising and continue raising the flag of P-pop!

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