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SB19 breaks own Billboard records by GOing UP at 2nd place in Social 50 & 6th in Emerging Artists

SB19 broke its own Billboard record on August 11 by GOing UP at second place in Social 50 weekly chart and sixth place in Emerging Artists.

The Philippine boy group kicked off at 5th spot in Social 50 while 25th in Emerging Artists last April 2020.

In a span of four months, the group already made it to peak spots along with other popular artists, such as BTS, ATEEZ, and more.

The official account of the boy group also shared the news on their social media platforms including on Twitter.

To show gratitude to fans, the group left a short yet sweet message in the caption, “Thank you for supporting and loving our music unconditionally. Let’s be each other’s safe place, shoulder to cry on, happy pill and reason to smile.”

It was also emphasized on the tweet, “We can do this as long as we are 2gether.”

Congratulations for another milestone attained, SB19! A’TIN and many Filipinos around the world are truly happy for the group and every member’s successes. Well deserved of the recognition and achievements!

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  1. SB19 deserved it, kasi pinakita nila sa Pilipinas opps the World rather what the others country can Filipuno can do also, actually marami ang kayang gumawa but only SB19 tried….sila lang ang nag lakas loob na i publish ba yan, public ba yan or show pa ba yan yung talento nila …with the help and effort of the ShowBT Philippines…kaya Go up lang.

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