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BTS Pop-up store is coming to the Philippines

Filo ARMYs are you ready?

BTS has been looking for ways to get closer to ARMYs all over the world. To give all ARMYs a piece of heaven in any way they could. They continuously provided ARMYs with hope and comfort through their music. A lot of ARMYs even dreamt of going to South Korea just to be in the same country as them. To visit their old and new company building, the famous bus stop and of course their pop-up stores.

┬ęSM Megamall | Louis Vuitton

I know a lot of us have been waiting to see them and hear them live, but due to the current state that the world is in now, these became every ARMYs distant dream.

But we are lucky to be graced with opportunities to be closer to them. Last year, they announced through their official Twitter account (@bts_bighit), that a pop-up store will be available in the Philippines.


No one knows when or where, until yesterday. Yes, it may have taken a while, but finally, it’s here. One of the greatest announcements any Filo ARMY could receive.

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Yesterday, SM Megamall posted some pictures on their Facebook page. A logo that all ARMYs are familiar with.

Since we can’t go to South Korea now, they are bringing the BTS Map of the Soul pop-up store to us with the help of SM Megamall.

I know that we can all agree with SM that something Dynamite is really coming. A bundle of joy to all Filo ARMYs out there. Can’t wait to see the Philippine version of the BTS Map of the Soul Pop-up store.

SM Megamall

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