LOOK: Get To Know The Rising Korean RnB and Hiphop Artist, Puff Lee

Korean music industry is more popular when it comes to K-Pop genre. In this range, young people engage to kpop songs like BTS, iKON, EXO and many more. 

Channeling your attention to the K-RnB and Hiphop genre, Aron Lee (Korean: 이호정), 26 years old, known as 퍼프Puff by stage name and living in Seoul, South Korea. Took up his Engineering course in Sydney University AU and went back to Korea to achieve his dream of becoming a great singer and composer. He already finished his military service from 2014 to 2016.

Down to earth and family oriented person, Puff likes to listen and create music. He’s a certified animal lover and watching movies is one of his hobbies. He describes how he works on his music saying “First, I just play with chord progression to see what mood I want to make a song of. When I come up with a chord progession that I like, I just improvise any melodies that come across my head and just hum it. If I like the melody, I start making a beat based on that and then write lyrics, verse, everything and then record, engineer and release it.”

Puff loves hip-hop and R&B. He recently released his own song entitled “Maybe.” On his YouTube channel YouTube: 퍼프puff, He posted some covers with 7 tracks like “Talk” by Khalid,  21 original song compositions and 2 Music videos. He released his 9th single MV “Bitter Sweet” under license of I-One Korea (on behalf of TSN Company), and 1 Music Rights Societies, Puff speaks about his scheme of his MV stating: “I have expressed in this song the different goals you are trying to achieve in one great sweetness. On the contrary, the efforts, trials, hardships, etc. that we faced in the process of achieving our goals were compared to bitterness. It is a song that unleashed my thought that there is no sweetness without bitterness as there is no success without effort. I hope it will be a song that will give support and strength to everyone who is exhausted and repeats every day. Have fun please :).”

He just can’t get enough of music and tried to achieve everything he wanted wishing to fulfill his dreams until he died – puff stated. Rising individual Puff Lee created his first fandom where he interacts with his fans and officially called as “Puffies.”

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For more of his information, visit his official Facebook page, profile, Instagram Account and Facebook group.  

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