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ONE OK ROCK releases “RENEGADES” co-written by Ed Sheeran for Rurouni Kenshin: The Final

ONE OK ROCK builds up excitement with the release of their newest single, “Renegades”.

The band’s newest anthem is the official soundtrack of the live-action adaptation of “Rurouni Kenshin: The Final” showing on April 23rd.

Much to the fans’ delight, the song was in fact a collaboration between ONE OK ROCK and none other than global favorite, Ed Sheeran.

The joint effort was possible because back in 2019, the band supported Ed during his Asian leg for the divide tour.

During the interview with “Talk and Review”, the band also shared some of the fun moments with the international artist.

Although the two have clear distinct styles in music, both exhausted their best efforts for “Renegades” to come into life.

The alternative-rock pop sound is accompanied by a visually-pleasing music video that also premiered last April 16. It features a rebellious backdrop that perfectly underpins the vibe of the song.

In addition, ONE OK ROCK reveals that they wrote two songs with Ed Sheeran in only five hours. However, “Renegades” was born through another session.

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Meanwhile, Taka Moriuchi relates the song to the movie’s main character. “In this movie, Kenshin’s strength, weakness, loneliness and kindness, were all shown in the past films.”

“His history is completed in this final movie. Hence, projecting all these emotions through this song.” The band’s vocalist concluded.

ONE OK ROCK delivered soundtracks for the movie since it’s first installment, “The Beginning”, back in 2012.

Watch and enjoy the music video and movie trailer below!

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