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Kim Sejeong is back with her inspirational and meaningful song “Warning”

After a year, Kim Sejeong is finally back with her 2nd mini album, I’M!

The official music video of Warning, which is the lead single of her album featuring lilBOI was released on March 29.

It’s an inspirational song in which she talks about being okay to take a break when you need one.

That everyone has a limit at some point, so don’t get yourself tired and take some rest; everything will be clearer and lighter if you take a break.

“Let’s fly high, it will become clearer when you see more things. It will become lighter when you put it further away.”

-Warning, I’M (2021)

Don’t feel pressure about yourself, it’s okay to walk slowly and enjoy the journey of life.

“Let’s walk slowly So we don’t fall down. It’s okay to be slow there will be many things to see. Let’s take a break so we can look back. It’s okay you did well, what can I do world is all about luck”

-Warning, I’M (2021)

The album with five tracks talks about her sincere thought on how she felt as she looks back on her career since debut, having worked without any breaks and how she overcame it with her ways.

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Sejeong wants to comfort us with her own color through her songs.

Let us step forward, let’s not step back for we’re too beautiful to do that and as Sejeong said, it’s all worth it!

Did you listen to her songs already? What is/are your favorite song/s from it?

Meanwhile, you can watch and listen to Warning here:

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