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WATCH: Kim Sejeong releases a Delightful song cover of Twice’s “Alcohol-Free”

Kim Sejeong once again proved that she is not only a versatile actress but indeed a talented singer as well!

On June 30, Kim Sejeong released her song cover of Twice’s new song Alcohol- Free on her Official YouTube Channel.

(Screenshots via official kimsejeong)

She was accompanied by musicians named Kim Myeong Gwan who played the guitar and pianist named Kim Ki San.

Sejeong said she chose to cover this song because after hearing the demo song, she loved it and had already the plan to do the cover of it and She wanted to show as well her friendship with Twice’s member, Jihyo.

She revealed that her favorite part of the song is the part when a lot of alcohols were mentioned. This part is hard for her to sing to the rythm but it feels very pleasant for her once she’s through with that part.

Sejeong wants for the musicians to get more spotlight apart from her singing. So she hopes that when we listen to this song, we can attend to the fact that she was not singing by herself but in harmony with the musicians.

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How sweet of her!

Watch the full song cover here:

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