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ICYMI: Kim Sejeong signed contract again with Jellyfish Entertainment

According to Jellyfish Entertainment on May 11, Kim Sejeong has officially renewed her contract with them.

Read Jellyfish Entertainment statement:


This is Jellyfish Entertainment.

First of all, we would like to express my gratitude to the fans who loved and supported artist Kim Se-jeong. We would like to convey the official position regarding Sejeong Kim.

Jellyfish has signed a renewal contract with Kim Se-jeong, an artist who has been with them for a long time based on their strong sincerity. We plan to make full investments and support for future activities so that we can become a strong support for artist Se-jeong Kim, who has walked with us from debut until now.

Once again, we sincerely thank the fans who have always shown constant love and support, and ask for your warm love and interest for the future drawn by artist Kim Se-jeong, who is about to start a new beginning.

Thank you.

Kim Sejeong is a multi-talented artist who debuted in 2016 as the member of the group’s I.O.I. She released her first mini album called Plant in 2020 and recently made a comeback with her I’M album.

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She is also the voice behind those beautiful soundtracks of the dramas Legend of the Blue Sea, Mr. Sunshine, Crash Landing on You, Record of Youth and The Uncanny Counter.

As a versatile actress, she made her acting debut as the female lead in School 2017. She is remarkable as well in her roles in I Wanna Hear Your Song and the hit drama series The Uncanny Counter.

The singer/ idol also received a casting offer recently in the dramas Today’s webtoon and The office blind date.

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