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Start the House Party! Super Junior is finally back with their 10th album

After months of being delayed, Super Junior‘s 10th studio album, The Renaissance is finally out! Watch the MV below and join the House Party:

Originally planned as their 15th anniversary album, the Hallyu Kings are back with their new title track ‘House Party’, a disco pop and trap music fusion that showcases the ‘SM Performance Music’ that they are known for during their early years as a group. In their comeback press conference, the members revealed that their album delay was caused by their desire to deThe liver the album in the highest quality possible.

Their title song ‘House Party‘ is the perfect anthem for the pandemic that world is currently experiencing. From its lyrics, dance steps and music video, the song stresses out the importance of following safety health protocols. The message that says “we must all work together to overcome the pandemic” really resonates throughout the whole song.

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It was also revealed before that their pre-release song ‘Burn the Floor’ was their original title track but was later changed to House Party. When it was released last December, Burn the Floor also received praises for its excellent performance video. You can also watch the video here.

Their new album is composed of tracks; Super, House Party, Burn the Floor, Paradox, Closer, The Melody, Raining Spell of Love (Remake), Mystery, More days with you and Tell me Baby are all great quality songs that can each stand the title track. You can try listening to the highlight medley below:

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