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10 Reasons Why Super Junior’s ‘House Party’ is the Perfect Pandemic Anthem

Once again, the ‘Kings of Hallyu‘ has proven that no one else does it like them. They knew that music is a universal language so they used it to send an important message to everyone around the world.

In their recently release 10th regular album titled “The Renaissance“, Super Junior came back with their title song “House Party”. Beyond the song being a great technical masterpiece is the message that it carries and aimed to deliver to everyone during this pandemic.

Even the Director General of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and the organization itself acknowledged the group and the song for its relevance.

To further explain it in detail, here is the list of reasons that makes House Party as the perfect anthem for this pandemic:

1. It accurately describes our initial feelings and frustrations on being locked down in our homes for more than a year now.

2. However, it immediately reminds us that its not over yet.

3. So it stresses the need for us to be patient and to avoid unessential travel and social gatherings.

4. With its dance steps, it reminds us to always disinfect and sanitize

5. It further stressed that we should always practice proper social distancing with no excuses as the price to pay for our freedom.

6. They also repeatedly told us to wear our masks properly. Over and over again.

7. The song tells us that we are all in this together so we must help each other. Also saying that our great manners (of following the safety health protocols) will protect the people around us.

8. It compared the spread of the virus to the ‘Butterfly Effect’ where each of our actions has an effect to everyone and at this point it’s already so widespread.

9. But it wanted us to know that we can still enjoy a lot of thing even when we staying inside our homes.

10. Lastly, the song gives us hope. Saying that if we keep up with our good job and do our part, the world will get better soon.

What do you think? The song really fits the bill right? Listen to it below and share it to remind everyone of our duty so we can win over this pandemic soon.

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