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B.I reveals impressive visualizer for “Illusion”, opens official fan cafe for IDs

B.I revealed an impressive and aesthetic visualizer for Illusion evening of June 25.

Check out the video below:

In the video, you can see TOBI falling down but eventually started to pick his self and continue to soar high again.

It was previously revealed on TOBI’s animated video description that TOBI was derived from the word B.I BOT.

He suddenly lost the letter “B” while falling down from the space and that he became TOBI that he is now.

There is no exact explanation to who TOBI really is but fans anticipate that he is an explanation about B.I’s life journey on how he pick up his self again after falling down.

Moreover, 131 Label also opened an official cafe and membership for all IDs which everyone can join even international fans.

Check out the details below on how to avail:

Stay tuned to B.I’s content plan until the end of June.

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