WATCH: “Flower Blooming in the Wind” birthday project for Hanbin is now in full bloom!

A “Flower Blooming in the Wind” birthday project for Kim Hanbin is now in full bloom!

Hanbin Korean fanbase @still131fan shared a sneak peak of the video making on October 17, just five days before Hanbin’s birthdate.

Check out the video posted via @still131fan Twitter account.

Last year this project was also prepared for Hanbin and through this binics were able to convey their heartfelt message to Hanbin.

We hope that it touched Hanbin’s heart and made him happy.

To those who are in South Korea get the chance to see this aesthetic Wish Tree at Lab5gam store in Hapjeong.

Thank you to Lab5gam for their endless support and to those who participated to be able to make this Wish Tree project a success.

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Meanwhile, Hanbin were recently appointed as one of the executive director of IOK Company.

He is the youngest among the 8 new executive directors of the said label.

IOK Company is the home of other South Korea’s actors and actresses such as Jo In Sung, Moon Soo Bin and more.

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