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8 Corporate styles to cop from What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Office outfit dilemma? Worry not! Get ready to strut the office runway with this fashion inspo, curated from our beloved office-romance K-drama, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.

  1. Classic White Top

    One can never go wrong with the basic. Whether on a rush, or during the lazy days, this classic top will save you from further distress. Not only that it looks neat, but white never go out of style. It is an easy way to win anyone’s heart (and perhaps snag business deals!)
Classic White Top Featured Image

2. Suit and Tie

A corporate outfit staple. This timeless pair screams power and elegance, which is perfect if you’re trying to pitch a project or if eyeing a coveted position during an interview.

In the drama, Vice President Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) usually dons an all-black pair, and sometimes navy blue or gray to mix it up. However, suit and tie can be a tricky piece. Ensure that the fit and proportion are spot-on.

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3. Fun Pastel Tops

Working is fun! Nothing beats a good coffee and an upbeat playlist as a mood booster to start the day. In order to keep the momentum going, why not try variety colors to mix and match your style? Like Secretary Ji-ah, create an exciting outfit and put a smile to spread positive vibes.

4. Feminine and Bubbly

Get inspired by Secretary Kim Mi-so’s (Park Min Young) feminine style or be like Ms. Bong who’s always energetic and outgoing! Express your inner personality through fashion and let your natural “aura” come through. Indeed, a good set of outfit makes a huge difference – especially when you must deal with that cranky boss or grumpy client of yours.

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5. Longsleeve and Vest

For guys, office outfit can be a challenge. Spice up that boring long sleeve with a statement vest. Keep it cool with this ensemble that will instantly make you look stylish, fun yet overly fine. Exhibit A is Vice President Lee who can oftentimes be way too serious. However, adding the vest gives him an extra dash of charm and helps him achieve an easygoing vibe.  

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6. Chic Pencil Skirt

Pair up a nice chiffon top with a chic pencil skirt like what Secretary Kim always does. It’s a classic pair that effortlessly gives off sophistication and control. Stock up on neutrals and black to add oomf to simple tops.

7. Cool Printed Suit

A pop of prints wouldn’t hurt. Style and polish your suit and tie game by throwing in fun prints to your pair. In addition, prints appears less intimidating and can be worn during the casual day for team meetings and lunch-out.  

8. Casual Tops

Come Friday, most offices allow casual and comfy wear. Assemble a versatile look that can be worn during office hours and Friday after parties! Exude the weekend fun by wearing playful colors and spontaneous outfit to celebrate another week of accomplishments.

On top of the everyday tasks and special arrangements at work, it is always advisable to be at your best look throughout the day.

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Hence, this specially curated feature might come handy!

Follow this simple style guide and be the next talk in the office – or maybe the next pizza party thrower?

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All images used in this feature are courtesy of TVN.

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