Netflix confirms “Space Sweepers” to stream on February 5, unveils official trailer

Photo courtesy of Netflix Philippines

Netflix confirmed on January 6 that Space Sweepers, starring Song Joongki and Kim Taeri, will finally be available on February 5.

Same day of the announcement, an official teaser has been dropped by the world’s leading and popular streaming service.

In the trailer, a glimpse of the spaceship crews’ role and attitude were shown, along with their thrilling moves and journey on space.

The movie is set in 2092, when Earth has become a bleak planet which will soon be uninhabitable.

The privileged class now live as UTS citizens on pristine habitats built between Earth and the moon, while 95% of the human race, the non-citizens, struggle to survive on the ruined Earth.

The science fiction and action film Space Sweepers also star Jin Sunkyu and Yoo Haijin; directed by Jo Sunghee.

Join the cast members on their space blockbuster story on February 5, 2021 via Netflix!

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