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Netflix Japan confirms ‘Alice in Borderland’ season 2!

Are you one of the viewers who find Alice in Borderland a cliffhanger?

今際の国のアリス NETFLIX
Photo Source: Netflix

Worry no more as Netflix Japan posted a 15-min clip on December 24 through their official Twitter account announcing the series’ season 2!

The caption reads, Christmas gifts have arrived from “Alice in Borderland.” Who is the character you most want to see in Season 2?

In the video clip, it shows the playing card which the gamers needed to collect after playing the games, and after flipping, the big red number 2 was written on it.

Moreover, it is indeed a perfect Christmas gift to all Alice in Borderland fans knowing that they will now look forward for season 2.

Alice in Borderland starring Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya tells the story of three friends who find themselves on the parallel side of Tokyo where they needed to participate and win the games in order to live.

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Its season 2 will expectedly continue the story but they will face new and more challenges as the casts try to unveil the mystery behind the world they currently lived in.

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