LOOK: ELFs Sends a 15th Anniversary Greeting to Super Junior from Outer Space!

Ever Lasting Friends (ELF), Super Junior’s fandom is really setting the bar high for fan projects!

On November 6, 2020, Super Junior’s Chinese fanbase ShallowBlue1106 did several fan projects for the group’s 15th anniversary celebration.

Among one of their fan projects this year is sending an anniversary greeting to Super Junior via satellite– a literal satellite in outer space!

In the video shared by ShallowBlue1106 on their twitter account you can see the satellite Ladybird No.1, the first satellite in the world that can automatically flash Morse code, blinking to send the message “… .— .—- ….. – …. .- -. -. .. …- .– .- .-.. -.- – — –. . – …. . .-.” in Morse code that translates to: “SJ 15th Anniv Walk Together

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This event is just one of the eight that the fanbase has prepared this year which also included greetings from Sanya Eye the 88 meter high Ferris wheel in the south of China, and different big digital banner ads on buildings across China.

Ads to congratulate the group is also everywhere in Korea and different countries right now as well as different Social Media Sites. ELFs are really going all-out for Super Junior every time!

Again, Happy 15th Anniversary to the “Kings of Hallyuu!”

Lastly, Here are 15 Times Super Junior Marked the History of Kpop With Their Name to tell you more about why they called as the “Kings of Hallyuu”

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