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Song Ji Eun to hold online fan meet with Untact Live “Bloom” this November 7

South Korean actress and singer Song Ji Eun will officially be meeting her fans in less than two weeks!

CDM Entertainment announced on October 18 that Song Ji Eun’s Untact Live “Bloom”, a global online concert event, will also be open to Filipino fans.

The fan meet is set to happen on November 7, 2020 at 7PM KST, with ticket selling started last October 19.

The digital ticket is only worth PHP 1,400 or KRW 33,000, with a chance to win a video call, video message, or a digital copy of handwritten letter.

See photos below for further details.

Untact Live “Bloom” is part of Song Ji Eun’s autumn project followed by her upcoming single album release, Bloom, and a photo exhibition.

She is best known for being a great singer and also an actress with lead role in Sweet Home, Sweet Honey and My Secret Romance.

She was also part of Melting Me Softly, Longing for Spring, Immutable Law of First Love, and many more.

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Do not lose this chance to be serenaded by the actress, so make sure to get this opportunity and witness her perform!

For other information, visit CDM Entertainment on their official website or social media accounts.

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