LOOK: A “Flower and Travel Message Book” birthday project for iKON’s DK

iKON’s Kim Donghyuk, also known as DK as his stage name, will be celebrating his 25th birthday (Korean age) on January 3, 2021!

With that, iKON’s DK official fan bases @DKing_Worldwide and @ElysianDonghyuk prepared a birthday fan project for him.

The message book will include all the messages from DK’s fans worldwide; wherein, you can write it either in full English or in Korean with maximum of 500 characters.

To cater as many fans as they can, the travel message form instructions were translated in four languages, such as in English, Korean, Spanish, and Japanese.

These were all made possible by the translators who helped @DKing_Worldwilde: Kimdongdongnet, ReyniitaCortez, Reydan Bagaskara, and for the book design ellodongii and xeiira_.

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What’s more?

Fans may also add their travel or hometown photos with a maximum of 3 images per entry, together with their dedicated songs for DK.

Additionally, you can also participate in their fund drive donations; this project was inspired by DK’s act of kindness when he participated to volunteer during Babsang Community last winter.

DK debuted as a member of YG Entertainment’s boy group called iKON back in 2015.

He is one of the main vocalists and the main dancer of the group; and he also started to compose songs for iKON.

One of his compositions is Flower from their recent album, iDECIDE.

The song has a refreshing tempo that will surely make everyone happy and at ease whenever you listen to it.

Flower is a good and comforting song which you can listen to whatever mood you are in.

Listen to iKON’s Flower below:

Mark your calendars, mga bes!

The deadline for the “Flower and Travel Message Book” project for DK is on November 15, 2020.

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Be sure to submit your entry and let DK feel your love and support, bes!

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