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#ForDonghyuk: iKON’s Kim Donghyuk blooming at 25th birthday

Handsome, kind-hearted, intelligent, known as a notable and active student at school, the class president, and multi-talented; can someone have all these things? Of course, it is a yes, and one of the living proofs would be iKON’s Kim Donghyuk!

Many people might have known DK as the handsome dancing machine, singer, and rapper of iKON, who can also play piano, guitar, and drums. Still, one thing is for sure, various fans have fallen in love for him because of his good attitude and warm personality.

Years before he decided to enter the Korean pop industry, DK was highly known as an intelligent and notable student. He became a class president, have received a lot of academic awards, and was once a foreign exchange student in the United States with English name, Ezra Kim.

People define him as a patient, understanding, sweet, and calm individual for he always spread kindness, care, positivity, and respect to everyone. He is that type of a person who chooses to listen first before saying anything; he knows well how to handle difficult situations, which was proven a lot of times, like in iKON TV scenarios.

Aside from that, Donghyuk has a sense of fashion and owns an aesthetic feed on Instagram!

The ace and the dream boyfriend/ best friend; two things which some fans link DK with.

Despite all his charms and captivating traits, DK is also that person who will cry and be emotional first when something happens. However, no matter how sad or upset he is, he has always been so sensitive of other’s feelings. He knows well how to comfort the feelings and validate the reasons of those around him.

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DK also spoil and shower his family, friends, iKONICs, and others around him with pure love. This is just one of the many reasons why a lot of people are so attached to him.

What more?

Did you know that before he became part of Team B and debuted as a member of iKON, he already gone through different competitions, likely to JYP Trainee Search in 2012 where he won? He also participated in the auditions and was given offer of SM and JYP, aside from YG Entertainment. DK was also behind of some of the jaw dropping choreography of iKON and the one who wrote Flower from their i DECIDE album in February 2020.

Along with that, Donghyuk is also one of the most praised Korean dancers; he had collaboration with known dancers and choreographers.

Personal gratitude message to DK

I would like to thank you, Kim Donghyuk, for creating a masterpiece that is Flower. It is one of the things that help me heal, feel grateful, and be more motivated in life. I would like to thank you as well for being a great real model to us, for embodying positive attitude and good behavior. You are one of the reasons why I realized even more the importance of kindness and patience.

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People might say that is already too late to stan you and iKON, as I have only became an iKONIC in year 2020, but I do believe that the seven of you came to my life just at the right time when I needed you all the most.

You have given me strength on those days I thought I will not be able to survive. You have given me happiness on those nights I thought I will cry until I sleep. DK, you have inspired and motivated me to work harder, strive deeper, be the best version of myself, and do good things for others as well.

King Donghyuk, you are not a king for nothing. You are a king in the dance floor and a king who knows how to touch and comfort the hearts of others. You are a king deserving of all best things, joy, successes and love.

I do pray to God, He who has blessed me enough to have you, that someday I will be able to tell you how much you mean to my life. May that day come to my life, when I can see you perform on stage and shout in the crowd how much I purely love you.

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For now, just keep on mind that no matter what happens, through thick and thin, I will always be right here to love, support, believe, and trust in you. I will keep on praying that whatever is bothering you or making you sad sometimes may be replaced by genuine happiness, forgiveness, treasured moments, and successes.

Let us walk on the flowery path together, slowly but steady.

iKONICs heartfelt greetings

Birthday special series

#ForDonghyuk is the second installment of the birthday special series only dedicated to iKON members, initiated by writer Chriselle Olaguera, also known as Admin Selle. The first installment was published in December 2020, #ForBobby.

The main goal is to let the world know how precious 7KON are to our lives— how much they influenced us and change our lives for the best. Along with that, it is also a project to share to other people how great on and off cam, and on stage and in charities 7KON are.

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