Ha Sung Woon explains how his famous group of friends started

Let’s play connect the dots!

On March 6, Ha Sung Woon was a guest on Weekly Idol where he talked about his famous group of friends.

According to Ha Sung Woon, fans started calling their group “Friendship Paddings” after SHINee’s Taemin gave everyone a padding coat that he made.

MCs thought that it all started with SHINee’s Taemin, but Sung Woon corrected them and said that there was someone else so he was asked to draw an organizational chart of how their friendship started.

Ha Sung Woon shared that friendship all started because of HOTSHOT’s Timoteo “He was basically the founder of this group.” He proudly said.

He shared that SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai, HOTSHOT’s Timoteo and a non-celebrity friend from school who were friends for a long time and later he got introduced by Timoteo to them.

He continues to draw his diagram on the whiteboard explaining how then VIXX’s Ravi, who is a friend of Kai got invited.

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He is the one who brought BTS’ Jimin to the group. “I knew Jimin from J-Hope who I knew since I was a trainee.”

Ha Sung Woon said that he was friends with J-Hope but he isn’t the type who goes out much. They enjoy having meals together but they have different hobbies.

After Sung Woon got to be friends with Jimin, they got along so well so he scooped him into the group.

“It’s pretty nice and fun to get together since our hobbies are quite similar too.” He said referring to the “Friendship Paddings”

Don’t you love how these group of friends have a strong bond?

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