ICYMI: SF9 celebrates 4th Anniversary with their newest single “Shine Together”

FNC Entertainment released a new single ‘Shine Together’ for SF9 in celebration of the group 4th Debut Anniversary.

Check out the details posted from SF9’s official Twitter account on October 5.

SF9 made their debut under FNC Entertainment on October 5, 2016, since then they started to received recognition from local and international market as they won so many awards and constantly ranked in various digital chart.

Hence, the group expressed their gratitude towards FANTASYs in staying with them for a very long time.

In addition, they releases their special album called ‘Special History Book’ consisting of three tracks including the lead single “Shine Together”.

Image from @rowoonie

FANTASYs all over the world are celebrating SF9’s big day on twitter by sharing their love and support and reminiscing great moments, and showing how far they’ve come through.

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Furthermore, SF9 shared a precious message through their fancafe account to express their pure love and gratitude towards their beloved fans

Watch the Official Music Video here:

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