William and Bentley Hammington bids farewell to ‘The Return of Superman’

William and Bentley Hammington has bid goodbye to The Return of Superman.

Last year, Sam Hammington confirmed the news of their family departing the show. Sam announced it on his personal Instagram account. The family joined in 2016 when William was still a baby and Bentley was born a year after they’ve joined!

Last night’s episode marks the family’s final episode for the show. Sam set up a WillBen Kitchen where they served some of their favorite food to some fans. This served as their sweet gesture in response to all the love and support they’ve received after joining the show.

After closing the WillBen Kitchen, one of their early customers returns to deliver a bouquet of flowers to thank Sam for his time during the show. To Sam’s surprise, all of the customers who went to their kitchen prepared a surprise event for his family.

Sam teared up as his two sons comforted him.

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William and Bentley The Return of Superman

Afterward, the Hammingtons expressed their gratefulness for the love they’ve received during their five year stay in the program. Both William and Bentley thanked the viewers for the love and wished everyone to be happy.

You can watch their final interview below:

As of writing the families of soccer player Park Joo Ho, Actor Yoon Sang Hyun, and supermom Sayuri Fujita are the current roster of the program.

You can watch their last episode on The Return of Superman here.

We’ll definitely miss you, William and Bentley! Thank you for sharing your five years with us, the Hammingtons!

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