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Lee Hyeri, Lee Sung Kyung, Kang Hanna to make an apperance on ‘Record of Youth!’

Aside from an upcoming Park Seo Joon cameo, ‘Record of Youth’ will surprise its viewers with new celebrity special appearances!

According to Sports Chosun, tvN’s ‘Record of Youth’ will be opening its Second Act beginning the ninth episode. The viewers already saw how Sa Hye Jun (portrayed by Park Bo Gum) continued to follow his dream of being a popular actor. He also starts an interesting relationship with Ahn Jeong Ha (portrayed by Park So Dam).

Producers of ‘Record of Youth’ laid down four points that viewers can look into as they proceed to the drama’s second half. The first three points are all about the story’s plot and the casts’ different character developments.

Viewers may feel torn between the decisions the lead characters have to make to achieve their dreams. Especially for both Hye Jun and Jeong Ha, who are currently achieving their personal dreams. There will be some revelations and challenges for the characters that might be relatable to their viewers.

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The final point that the producers revealed is the surprise appearances of some Korean stars! Park Seo Joon is set to make his special appearance as Hye Jun’s sunbae — A top model and actor.

Names such as Girl’s Day’s Lee Hyeri, Lee Sung Kyung, and Kang Hanna will also appear in the series. The addition of big names’ special appearances will give the viewers a realistic feel towards Hye Jun on his way towards stardom.

For Park Bo Gum fans, this will be an interesting reunion with Lee Hyeri! Both Park Bo Gum and Lee Hyeri worked together in Reply 1988 as Deok Sun and Taek.

*This is a developing story. Stay tuned for details!

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