Jessi appears in the unique crossover episode of ‘The Try Guys’ with Eugene

Fans of Jessi and the online content creators named as “The Try Guys” will find the latest Youtube episode of their channel fascinating. As Eugene, the Try Guys’ Korean-American member visits Seoul, he took the chance to visit the P Nation office. There, he challenges himself and learns the ‘Nunu Nana’ dance from Jessi herself.

The episode also featured clips of Eugene’s very candid interview with Jessi as she shared her experiences since debut as a Korean-American Kpop star. She tells how she managed to reach where she is currently right now and how it took her 15 years because of her unique personality. She also commented that Korean culture is opening a lot right now compared to the past and this makes her happier.

Watch the full episode below and know why Jessi is admirable artist and how Eugene fared in his experience as a Kpop dancer.

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