#NoonaWrites: Cinderella and the Four Knights (The Post-Kilig Review)

I am usually the type who waits for a k-drama to finish before I start watching them. With TVN’s Touch Your Heart still airing , I knew I had to find another series to binge-watch first. My sudden interest to know more about Ahn Jae-Hyun lead me to Cinderella and the Four Knights.

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Eun Ha Won, the character played by Park So Dam, has been through some rough patches in her life. With a father who disowns her and a cruel stepmother and sister left to live with, the odds seem to not always be in her favor. Despite her struggles,  Ha won grew up to be a strong-willed, independent woman who got entangled into the lives of Kang  Ji Woon (Jung Il-Woo), Kang Hyung-Min (Ahn Jae-Hyun) and Kang Seo Woo (Lee Jung-Shin) aka the Kang Cousins and their ever-reliable bodyguard Lee Yoon-Sung (Choi Min).

In the story, Ha Won was asked to live with the Kang Cousins in a fictional place called the Sky House. While being there, she was asked to work on the mission to help them get along together. The task promised a secured future for her when she succeeds but was bounded with one strict rule, falling in love with any of the guys is not allowed.

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It is in knowing each other’s past as well as understanding the pains and happiness that came with it made this modern fairytale a good watch for me. Every scene made my heart flutter and gave me my daily dose of kilig. A lighthearted drama with a perfect cast and feel good OST (check out BTOB’s “For You” and Jessi’s “My Romeo”).

Be your own Cinderella by bringing out the heart in you. The one that beams with love and shines pure.

Be the happy ending you always wished to be.

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