ILOGU2 iKON series is now available for international iKONICs!

Good news to all iKONICs!

iKON on ILOGU2 with english subtitle is now available on IDOLLIVE official YouTube channel.

IDOLLIVE announced the availability of the said episodes through their official Twitter account in the evening of September 07.

Check out their announcement below.

It has been more than a month since the released of iKON’s video in U+ Idol Live app.

U+ Idol Live App is created by LG Plus Corporation for android and iOS phone.

Through this, fans will be able to watch and get to know more about their favorite K-pop idols. However, the said application is limited within South Korea.

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International fans can only watch the videos once IDOLLIVE uploaded its english subtitle on their YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, iKON episodes on ILOGU2 is available every Monday and Tuesday at 6:00pm KST and its behind the scenes will be uploaded every Wednesday.

Watch ILOGU2 iKON episode one below.

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