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Get ready, Showtime!: iKON-ON officially returns to iKON’s YT channel with “Welcome Back” 1st episode

Get ready, showtime!

iKON-ON officially returned to iKON’s YouTube channel on September 29 with Welcome Back’s first episode.

The almost six-minute-long video was posted on iKON’s channel on a Tuesday at 4:00PM KST; and it will be releasing other episodes on the same day.

iKON members recently appeared on iKON-ON, September 15, in celebration of their 5th debut anniversary.

A week after of the special event, they surprised fans with iKON-ON Welcome Back teaser, September 22.

The very own show of iKON was launched last September 17, 2018 that drives iKONICs to getting to know more the members while they are in their usual days or activities.

It was in the same year when iKON TV was released, April 15, 2018, that run until June 30 with 11 episodes and a special fan song at the end.

Aside from iKON-ON, fans can also visit and watch Song Yunhyeong and Jung Chanwoo on their respective YouTube channels.

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Watch the video now below!

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