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Kim Hanbin serenade his fans with a new DEMO on SoundCloud+ continuously made donations

Singer- song writer and rapper Kim Hanbin also known as B.I serenaded his fans once again!

Hanbin released a new track via SoundCloud with a label of DEMO 2017 at exactly 12 midnight of September 03.

Listen to DEMO 2017 by 131 on SoundCloud below.

DEMO 2017 sounded so pure and it will make you feel so emotional and happy at the same time.

The lyrics tells about the feeling of waiting for someone, no matter how long and how many season it takes.

Waiting will always worth the wait.”

Check out the translation made by @hanbinahh below.

Meanwhile, Hanbin and his friend continuously donates to Angels’ Haven for Children.

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Hanbin and his friends donated 12 pair of shoes to the said children’s care facility on August 10.

Their effort and endless kindness will always touch and inspire everyone to stay kind and be helpful in our own little way.

In addition, Lab5gam a fragrance business owned by Hanbin’s family recently announced that iKONICs and binics can send their birthday wishes for Hanbin who will celebrate his 25th birthday this coming October 22.

Check out the announcement posted from their official Instagram account.

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. . #오감이_함께합니다

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Angels’ Haven for Children & Nivea

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