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Writer Yoo Jung Hee explains the meaning of ‘Flower Of Evil’ + shares inspiration for the drama

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Are you now living with the excitement Flower of Evil has brought? But, there’s more than that behind the title and the screenwriter’s inspiration!

Writer Yoo Jung Hee who is behind the thriller-psychological ongoing Wednesday-Thursday drama, Flower of Evil, talks about her inspiration and shares the meaning behind its title in an interview on September 1st.

Flower Of Evil tells the story of a suspected serial killer (Lee Joon Gi) who lives with a new identity and married to a detective (Moon Chae Won).

The chase begins when his wife started to doubt and suspects him of being a runaway serial killer from the murder happened 18 years ago.

Before the premiere, the drama caught the attention of the viewers with an unconventional topic: “What if my husband who I loved for 14 years is suspected of being a serial killer?”

Writer Yoo Jung Hee said, “While I was thinking about various concepts, I came to think of a couple in an ironic state of being a husband who is pure and deceitful and a wife who is only to love sincerely.

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“I also thought it was interesting to ask this question: If you live your life with your best for your partner in order to keep your secrets until the moment of your death, can you considered that life as a lie?” she added.

Yoo Jung Hee continued to share the story behind, “And in order to deliver that story more intensely, I built up thriller vibe in the form of a serial killer and detective as a couple.”

Moreover, sharing the meaning of the title, she explains, “The title Flower of Evil reminds me of Charles Bodler’s collection of poems, Flower of Evil while creating Do Hyun Soo’s character.”

“It is because of the confusion and anxiety people feels that arises when values ​​that should be delivered and distinguished, become ambiguous and borderline. I wanted people to think and feel the beauty of  desperate life when they thought of the drama,” she asserted.

Writer Yoo Jung Hee further explained, “I would like to share the message that even where the evil has been buried, flowers can still bloom.”

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“The title itself, Flower of Evil represents Do Hyun Soo’s (Lee Joon Gi) character, which we cannot defined as black or white, and Cha Ji Won’s (Moon Chae Won) who has to learn accepting the new world after destroying the walls inside herself,” she said.

Let us watch Flower of Evil and continuously support Lee Joon Gi, Moon Chae Won, and the whole team!

Watch the trailer below:

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  1. Living in Alabama, it is difficult to find out where to send compliments to those who create great drama. I’ve watched well over a hundred Korean dramas, and though most of them were good, there are those handful that truly deserve special recognition. The writer spun a complex tale, the actors, including the main child, were superb, the filmography, lighting, music scoring – each took the artform to a higher level. Each episode felt like it should be viewed inside a large cinema.

    Yoo Jung Hee – whatever she writes, I’d like to know when it comes out (as long as it has subtitles – grin).

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