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Lee Joon Gi actively interacts with fans through Instagram Live!

South Korean actor Lee Joon Gi made our night even special!

He hosted an almost one hour Instagram live this evening of August 26, and actively interacted with his fans.

Wearing plain white shirt and later on puts specs, Lee Joon Gi’s visual never fails to make us fall deeper even in the simplest look.

Screen shot from Annalizabeth

Moreover, opposite from his character roles especially in The Flower of Evil, he showed earlier his real cheerful and lively side!

He actively interacted with his dear fans by reading the comments and even mentioning their names.

Lee Joon Gi was so jolly and seems like he always has something to say. He didn’t stop from talking and sharing to his fans a lot of things.

Remember the popular TikTok whoa move where your arms are in the alternate ways? Lee Joon Gi also did that!

He even played songs in the background and sang with it partially dancing to the beat, also encouraging the viewers to listen and sing.

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And of course, his Instagram live wouldn’t end without saying Mahal kita, giving us the kilig vibes!

One of our Annyeong Oppa writers named Al Lee told Lee Joon Gi to say the precious tagalog phrase and he really did!

All over, Lee Joon Gi literally spent the night with his fans making them happy and also, making him happy as well.

He is so adorable and no doubt why many people loves him as an actor and as an individual.

Let us all support Lee Joon Gi together with Moon Chae Won in their ongoing Wednesday-Thursday drama, The Flower of Evil.

Follow him on his Instagram account: actor_jg

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