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ICYMI: Kim Yohan released his debut single ‘No More’

Singer Kim Yohan drew attention with his debut single’s cute concept!

Photo source: Wei official Naver blog

Kim Yohan uploaded a dance video of his first digital single “No More” on his official YouTube channel on the 26th.

In the released video, Kim Yohan added freshness with his colorful fashion and doubled his lovely charm with his wavy hairstyle.

He played the character of a boy who has a crush and caught the fan’s attention with his rich facial expressions as well as the choreography that matched the lyrics of the said song.

In addition, the “cheek poke” choreography and free-spirited gestures made the his charm stand out even more.

In the second choreography video, he attracted fans’ attention with another concept.

Kim Yohan’s debut single No More, released on the 25th, is a song that tells those people who cannot confess and love with their own imagination.

Meanwhile, he is also currently filming for the Korean remake of A Love so Beautiful.

Watch No More’s music video here:

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Congratulations Yohan on your successful release!

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