LOOK: Super Junior D&E is back with a ‘BAD’ new album

Super Junior‘s power duo sub-unit Super Junior D&E is back with another album that yet again showcases their genre versatility.

On September 3, Super Junior D&E released their new mini album titled ‘BAD BLOOD’. Their songs are comprised of diverse genre ranging from Motown Funk, electronic pop to a RNB ballad .

The album’s title song B.A.D was written and composed by Donghae and J-Dub.

See the album tracklist and the song sampler below:

However, even with the photo jacket teasers of the album and Donghae and Eunhyuk’s hints, fans are still left clueless of the whole concept of the comeback before it was released.

Watch the MV below to see Super Junior D&E’s new bop! Just a fair warning, the song is so catchy and will definitely give you the LSS.

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