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Kim Yohan, So Joo Yeon, and Yeo Hoe Hyun confirm to star in the Korean remake of “A Love So Beautiful”

It is confirmed! The casts are now complete and ready to tickle our hearts!

Photo source: Viki and Naver edited by Annyeong Oppa

Kakao M confirmed on July 27 that Kim Yohan, So Joo Yeon, and Yeo Hoe Hyun will be playing the lead roles of the upcoming digital drama and Korean remake of A Love So Beautiful.

The production team shared, “The fresh, exciting, and comical romance of 17-year old boys and girls will tickle our hearts and summon memories of our first love in earnest way.”

“Please look forward to the Korean version of A Love So Beautiful that will be created with emotions and breathing that go well with our time and culture,” they added.

A Love So Beautiful is a Chinese romantic high school drama about Chen Xiaoxi who has a huge crush to her classmate and neighbor named Jiang Chen.

They will encounter ups and downs in trying to solve on how they will going to live their life considering that they are way different from each other.

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Kim Yohan will play the male lead character as Cha Hun (Jiang Chen in Chinese version), a 17-year old perfectionist and good-looking man who is also a smart student in Cheonji High School.

His character is a cold-hearted man who’s not good in expressing its true feelings and tend to hide on his facade aura. But his neighborhood, Shin Sol Yi (Chen Xiaoxi in Chinese version) played by Soo Joo Yeon, loves him unconditionally.

Soo Joo Yeon who will be playing the character of Shin Sol Yi, is a bubbly girl who always spreads positivity with her cheerful and optimistic personality, yet she is also clumsy in her own way.

Moreover, she’s an outspoken and consistent person who never get shy and confesses his feelings to Cha Hun (Kim Yo Han) whenever she has time.

Along with them is Yeo Hoe Hyun who will play the character of Woo Dae Sung (Wu Bosong in Chinese Version). He is a swimming genius who has swept various competitions since he was young and will capture the hearts of women because of his undeniable charm.

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When he transferred to Cheonji High School, he met Shin Sol Yi and eventually fall in love with her charm. He silently protects Shin Sol Yi while watching the woman he loves, loving someone.

The Korean remake of A Love so Beautiful is a digital drama optimized for the mobile viewing environment. It will be produced with 24 episodes and about 20 minutes each.

Moreover, it will be released by the end of the year 2020 through a new video platform based on Kakao Talk.

Are you excited for this drama, bes?

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