8 reasons why you should watch “Friend Zone”

Being in a friend zone surely sucks. The what ifs, what could have been, and the wondering. No one wants to be in a friend zone ever! But the movie Friend Zone is definitely a must-watch!

The 2019 Thai movie Friend Zone recently became available on Netflix and everyone has been talking about it.

Friend Zone is about 2 friends who have been on the friend zone for 10 years. They are best friends since High School and went through a lot together. They are willing to do anything for each other since they are best friends.

But what if one of them fell in love with the other?

If you’re looking for a feel-good movie to watch these days, here are 8 reasons why Friend Zone is that movie.

1. A beautiful friendship story

Aside from the romance, Friend Zone has a beautiful friendship story that will make us say “sana all may best friend!”

A friend who’s willing to do anything for you. A friend who will help you no matter what the situation is. A friend you can call right away.

This movie shows what it feels like to have the best friend ever!

2. This movie takes you to places

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Don’t we all love a movie that will take us to different places? Friend Zone is that movie!

Friend Zone took us to Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and a lot more!

Although the countries are not the main focus of the movie, we still see a bit of the beauty of the countries. This movie really made us want to travel across Asia!

3. Amazing chemistry between the two leads

Baifern and Naphat are the main leads of the movie. They acted as the closest of all friends and their friendship is #goals. But did you know that this movie is their first encounter?

In the movie, they have been best friends for so long but in reality, they haven’t met before. Baifern and Naphat had to go through a workshop for them to develop that closeness and act as true best friends. They have to be comfortable around each other so they can give that perfect chemistry on screen!

Watch this video to see how they created that amazing chemistry:

Also, if you liked their chemistry, make sure to watch the upcoming TV series of Baifern and Naphat titled Sroi Sabunnga soon!

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4. The OST

“Kid Mak” by Thai singer Palmy is the only OST of the movie.

This song is special since it was sang by singers from different Asian countries, in their own languages! And guess what! The song was also sung in our language by Claudia Barretto!

Other countries that participated in this are Laos, Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, and of course the original version, Thailand.

Listen to the song below:

5. The ending

It was actually an unpredictable ending for me! The entire movie, I kept on wondering how it will end. Will I get the ending that I wanted? Will the characters get the ending that they deserve?

The plot twist is mind-blowing!

The plot is simple, but this movie will make you guess and cheer for the characters so they can get a happy ending.

And for you to find this out, you have to watch the movie.

6. The swoon-worthy Naphat Siangsomboon

I haven’t heard of Naphat until this movie. Aside from his good looks, he’s the total boy-next-door type and probably the ideal boyfriend any girl would want.

He portrayed Palm’s character perfectly and the emotions he showed could be felt throughout the movie.

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I am not that much of a fan of Thai entertainment and know only a few actors and actresses, but Naphat will definitely make me watch more of Thai movies and series.

7. The beautiful Baifern Pimchanok

I’m sure most of us have seen Baifern in the 2010 movie Crazy Little Thing Called Love. She’s so great in that movie that I find her character so relatable.

In Friend Zone, she showed her great acting skills again. Her fashion style was even worth noticing since it’s simple and comfy. And of course, her beauty is something you would notice first.

8. Quotable quotes

This movie has a lot of worth remembering quotes that you’d want to post on your social media!

Most of the lines from the movie are relatable and this one is my favorite:

When the opportunity is there, you have to take the risk.

Have I convinced you yet? It’s never too late to watch a good movie!

If you’re a sucker for romantic comedy, Friend Zone is definitely the one for you!

You can watch it here.

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