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Reminiscing the good old days with “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” after a decade since it premiered

School set-up series and movies are really normal and in since then up until now. Many people patronize such genre and theme due to the fact that you can easily relate yourself with its cast members in any way it could be. It becomes much exceptional when you can learn something from it or feel something special while watching it.

Remember your first crush and then your first ever serious crush back then? The secret glances you took on your crush, smiling to yourself as if there is no tomorrow?

Remember the school events you partake in wherein sometimes attending such is a bit boring but most of the time it is truly memorable? Remember the days when after school, you go out with your friends and/ or special someone to relieve stress?

Surely, there are still high school or college memories that most of us have with our hearts that will always be good to reminisce, or maybe somehow heart wrenching but still give us great lesson; and that is probably the extra power of school-themed movies, like Crazy Little Thing Called Love— we get to reminisce the good old days in school or feel our student years more than we could at the moment.

It has been 10 long years already, August 12, 2010, since Pnam and Pshone or Nam and Shone broke and touched our hearts.

Whenever someone reminds me of this movie, there are three things that I always remember in instant:

  1. How it made my cry so hard for how many times;
  2. The undeniable charms of Mario Maurer that turned me as his fan (including his good acting skills); and
  3. The power of Baifern by giving the character of Nam so much power.

Still, there are more things about it that we can talk about— things that may bring back more memories to each of us.

Experiences as student

I was still young back then when I first seen Crazy Little Thing Called Love but it did not hinder me from enjoying every bit of the movie. What I truly liked about it is how real the scenes were, in a point of view of a student.

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Various fans of this film had surely done the same thing, like looking at your crush in secret; trying to be close to him/ her; being happy in a single eye contact; or being extra happy when he/ she approached you. However, there is so much more about it; the cast members also simply showed us the struggles and good experiences of students. In which, this include that not everyone around you will like you no matter how good you are. Because there are instances when the most popular and beautiful persons get more respect, love, and recognition than the ordinary and hard working students.

However, this movie somehow taught us that the approval and comments of other people around us will never define who we are and who we will be in the future. Then, such noise is really not needed; it is definitely unimportant. You are you and you definitely have uniqueness glowing upon you.

Love and dreams

No matter how close you are to your special someone, if it is not the right time yet, you will never be with him/ her no matter what. The question that will arise then, how deep is your love to wait and focus on your dreams first?

Nam holds so much power with her, she saw how her heart scattered into pieces but remained strong over and over again. Remember when she still chose to respond okay sign to Shone when asked if she was okay while wearing their uniforms signed by fellow students?

Maybe, it is really inevitable to assume something or fall so hard over someone without the assurance that he/ she likes you back. Falling in love is sometimes a choice yet also something you can’t control. You either learn from it the hard way or the easy way.

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Why did I see Nam as a strong character? It is because despite the hardships she faced, she did not stop from going in life, and had a great transformation— it is not just about her looks but how she made it to achieve her dreams. Nam and Shone made it to living their dreams and at the end, their love also found its way there.

Reminisce with other fans

It is not just you or me who still can’t get over it and the cast members. There are also various fans who will always give precious space for Crazy Little Thing Called Love in their hearts.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love taught me to be patient, let life happen and be brave.

In the movie, Nam let herself fall in love with Shone. She didn’t ask for anything in return.

Be patient and let life happen. We must not force someone to like us (romantically) just because we like them. Nam showed that even if Shone didn’t liked her, she’ll still continue to love him. She let everything fall into place. That ending clearly showed us that there’s a possibilty between Nam and Shone.

Nam taught me to be brave. The scene where she confessed to Shone is such a brave act. It’s not easy to confess your love to someone but Nam took the leap. I’m in a similar situation with Name back then. Unfortunately, I wasn’t brave like her. But that specific scene is something I can’t forget because it showed a face face of a brave girl.

Overall, Crazy Little Thing Called Love really gave me the ultimate kilig back then!


Iniyakan ko ‘to.


Memorable scene ‘yong nakatalikod si Nam tapos umiiyak siya tapos naka-okay sign siya. Sobrang sakit sa heart.

Bukod sa cute ‘yong kwento, cute rin ni Mario at ang ganda ni Nam.


Umiyak ako n’ong 1st year high school.

At medyo na-boost confidence ko (at natutong mag-ayos).

At saka parang if para kayo sa isa’t isa, kayo talaga sa huli eh.


If kayo talaga, kahit anong mangyari, kayo pa rin in the end.


… super relate ako, pinalabas ‘yon n’ong high school ako tapos relate kasi feeling ko ‘yong crush ko ‘yong first love ko. I don’t know kung puppy love or crush crush love. ‘Di ko madistinguish eh.

Relate kasi highschool kami n’on, feeling ko medyo story ng highschool life ko ‘yon tapos na love at first sight ako kay crush, soccer player siya sa school namin same with Pshone naglalaro ng soccer; ako naman normal high shcool student, hindi ako gan’on kaganda pero siya ang pogi. Madaming nagkakagusto sa kaniya. Lahat yata ng year level mayroong may gusto sa kaniya.

Then same sa story, may dumating sa buhay ko nagkagusto sa ‘kin naging kami. Hangang sa n’ong may karelasyon na ako, itong si crush nagparamdam naman na may gusto siya sa ‘kin pero wala, hindi kami nag-break n’ong boyfriend ko that time.

Ayon lang, medyo similar lang sa high shcool life ko. Iniyakan ko nang super ‘tong palabas na ‘to tapos tinext ko pa ‘yong crush ko n’ong ipapalabas ‘to sa ABS-CBN pero hindi yata siya nanood. Ayon lang naka-relate lang ako sa movie na ‘to. Iyak ako nang iyak. Sila Pshone at PNam nagkatuluyan in the future ‘di ba pero kami friends lang talaga.


Sobrang tagos sa puso ‘yan, simple lang story pero sure na iiyak ka.


How about you, bes, did you find Crazy Little Thing Called Love relatable as well? Mind sharing your story?

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