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LOOK: Ariel Lin reunites with Joe Cheng in a hilarious vlog episode

It Started With A Kiss fans! This is the reunion that we’ve been waiting for!

On his recent youtube vlog episode, Joe Cheng reunites with his It Started With a Kiss partner Ariel Lin.

The Taiwanese drama that first aired 15 years ago is a classic in the league of another Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden.

Years later, the two actors showed their strong friendship in the vlog episode where they spent almost half an hour cutting (and eating) apples while drinking wine.

Their close friendship was really evident as they laughed and joked around the whole time.

You can watch the whole video below. Don’t worry, it has subtitles!

Are you craving for more of their funny and cute interaction? The next part of the vlog is coming soon so you better subcribe to Joe’s channel to be updated.

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