Kim Won Hae is a South Korean actor who is known to play supporting roles in well known korean films and dramas. He may not play the lead role, but he will surely steal the spotlight with his versatile acting and entertaining performance.

Most of us know Kim Won Hae as the supporting actor we can’t help but love. His acting made us cry and laugh. We sometimes confuse his characters because he plays different roles at the same time. He is adored for his hardworking spirit.

Thus, we listed 5 things every Kim Won Hae Ahjussi Fan should know.

1. The actor was born on April 6, 1969. He went to Seoul Institute of the Arts for Theater and Film.

2. He is a loving husband and father. He was a married man and a father of two girls. His wife, together with their kids, currently lives in Canada for their daughter’s education.

3. He is a known member of SNL Korea.

He was a former cast of SNL Korea (Season 1 to Season 4 from 2011– 2013). Maybe this is where he got and developed his comedic skill.

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He was also a guest on Runningman episode 287.

4. His versatility, diligence, and passion.

He is signed under Pium Entertainment and began his career in 1991. He made his acting career debut in the 1998 film ‘Spring My Hometown’.

The veteran actor has been playing supporting roles in a lot of known dramas. Each role was brilliantly portrayed. He even pulled off playing two polar opposite characters in two different kdramas airing at the same time.

It was also revealed in Radio Star back in 2016 that he did a musical with Hwang Jung Min.

5. He Deserves To Be The Best Supporting Actor.

In 2016, Kim Won Hae won a ‘Bonsang’ at the 2nd Scene Stealer Awards Celebration.

Following that year, he scored his first ‘Best Actor Award’ for his role in While You Were Sleeping.

And just the recently at the KBS Awards Night 2018, the actor won his second ‘Best Supporting Actor Award’ for the kdramas’ The Ghost Detective and Are You Human Too.

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2007–2008: Beautiful Days

2012: Queen In-hyun’s Man

2013: Nine: Nine Time Travels, Reply 1994

2014: High School King of Savvy, Plus Nine Boys, Modern Farmer, Misaeng

2015: Drama Special – Fake Family

2015–2016: Sweet, Savage Family Son Se-woon

2016: Signal, Monster, Drinking Solo, Woman with a Suitcase, Drama Special – Disqualified Laughter

2016–2017: Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth

2017: Chief Kim, Tomorrow, With You, Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, The Bride of Habaek, Criminal Minds, Drama Special – You’re Closer than I Think, While You Were Sleeping, Black, Drama Stage – Today I Grab the Tambourine Again

2018: Queen of Mystery 2, A Poem A Day, The Miracle We Met, Are You Human?, Life, The Ghost Detective, Where Stars Land, Drama Special – Dreamers, Feel Good To Die, Clean With Passion For Now, The Hymn of Death


2009: Good Morning President, The Executioner

2010: The Quiz Show Scandal

2011: Romantic Heaven, Sunny

2012: As One

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2013: My Little Hero, Happiness for Sale, Hide and Seek, My Dear Girl, Jin-young

2014: Man on High Heels, The Admiral: Roaring Currents, The Pirates, Tazza: The Hidden Card, Whistle Blower, We Are Brothers

2015: Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island, Granny’s Got Talent, The Long Way Home, The Himalayas

2016: SORI: Voice from the Heart, A Violent Prosecutor, Missing You, Asura: The City of Madness, Life Risking Romance

2017: The Battleship Island

2018: Heungboo: The Revolutionist

Continue being a legend our favorite Ahjussi, Kim Won Hae.

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