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Kim Min Gyu sends coffee truck support to Kim Sejeong’s “Today’s Webtoon” filming set

Secretary Cha showed his love and support to Shin Ha Ri!

The hit Netflix rom-com series, Business Proposal has recently ended but the friendship of the casts is getting stronger.

On August 4, Kim Sejeong showed her appreciation to Kim Min Gyu by posting a photo of her with the coffee truck which was sent by him to her filming set of Today’s Webtoon.

She wrote as a caption:

What is it? What is it?

Thank you oppa 😭

Thanks to you, I gained strength

and feel proud 😼

-Kim Sejeong IG post

Kim Min Gyu designed the banner with a sweet and encouraging message that reads:

“To all the staff and actors of ‘Today’s Webtoon’, I am rooting for you with all my heart.”

They are so adorable!

Moreover, Today’s Webtoon is the Korean remake of the Japanese drama Sleepeeer Hit! that revolves around the former judo athlete who struggles to become a true webtoon editor.

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It is an ongoing drama that airs every Friday and Saturday.

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