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Kim Yohan and So Joo Yeon reportedly to star in the Korean remake of “A Love So Beautiful”

News reports about the Korean remake of Chinese school drama A Love So Beautiful welled up the fans on July 1.

Fans were so quick to pinpoint their favorites and the most suitable celebrities to cast in the said popular drama.

According to reports on July 2, former Produce X1 member Kim Yohan and Dr. Romantic 2 actress So Joo Yeon are expected to star in the popular Chinese drama A Love So Beautiful.

Photo source: naver

A source from the industry shared that the two personalities have been considering the lead roles of the said drama remake.

Kim Yohan will be playing the role of Jiang Chen while So Joo Yeon will portray the character of Chen Xiaoxi.

However, So Joo Yeon’s agency confirmed on the same day that she received an offer but it is still under positive review and there’s no any confirmation yet of her appearance.

Kim Yohan, on the other hand, stated that the drama offer is still under discussion after they received the script.

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Photo source: viki (Chinese casts of A Love So Beautiful)

A Love So Beautiful is a Chinese romantic high school drama about Chen Xiaoxi who has a huge crush to her classmate and neighbor named Jiang Chen.

They will encounter ups and downs in trying to solve on how they will going to live their life considering that they are tway different from each other.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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