LOOK: IU Shares her experience during ‘Love Poem in Manila’

Six months later since her visit in Manila, it seems like IU still remembers all the exciting memories that she experienced during her first time in the country.

In her official Youtube channel, IU shared a vlog of her trip in Manila last December 2019. She revealed the behind the scenes stories like her eating at a famous cafe in Cubao.

IU enjoys eating after “reading” some local newspapers

The memorable crowd

While waiting for the show to start, IU was already so hyped as she listened to the loud cheers of the MA-AENAS that filled the Araneta Coliseum who are all excitedly waiting to see her perform.

IU repeatedly told the story that all her staff were so surprised with the very warm welcome that the Filipino fans showed. Even before the show started, fans were already chanting her name and expressing their loudest cheers.

During the show, IU compared Manila to Busan as a ‘City of Passion’. Then, said after her opening set that for the first time since her debut, she had a hard time hearing her singing voice because the cheers of the audience overwhelmed it.

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IU was even more surprised that unlike what she assumed at the start, the audience was able to to retain the same level of energy during the whole 4 hours of the show. She also commented during the show how she had to double up her energy while performing for the very lively crowd.

The waiting was all worth it…

Manila surely left a great memory to IU that she wished to have another show in the city soon. Even her band and staff was able to remember the crowd that was brimming with energy from start to finish.

Surely, we can be sure that she really enjoyed performing here. So, she will surely choose Manila as a stop for her next concert tour in the future.

You can watch the full video below:

Bonus: IU’s percussionist even featured the show in Manila in his vlog.

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