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LOOK: Korean Cable TV Variety Shows You Should Watch Right Now [Part 2]

This is the part two of our list of recommendations for variety shows aired by Korean Cable TV channels.

If you haven’t read the first part yet, you can read it here.

So again, if you are interested in watching unique variety shows but don’t know where you should start, here is the part 2 of our list of the cable channel variety shows that you can watch right now:

1. 4 – Wheeled Restaurant (TvN)

With an alternative title of “Will the Locals eat it?”, the show is a Travel Reality Cooking show. It currently have 3 seasons, filmed in Thailand, China and USA.

The concept of the show is to have the cast members operate a foodtruck on the chosen country and try to succeed the set daily missions and see how the locals will react to their cooking. For every season there is one set cast member who is assigned to be the main chef.

2. Borrow Trouble (E Channel)

The idea of this Travel show is to let a small group of celebrities to travel around a foreign country. The catch is that they have to make their own travel money from the streets by selling products that they have brought from Korea.

The first season follows the trip of g.o.d.’s Park Joon Hyung, Soyou, Junggigo, Girl’s Day’s Sojin and NU’EST’s Ren in the streets of Belgium.

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Park Joon Hyung returned for the second season and was joined by Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Sandara Park, NU’EST’s JR and Dindin. They travelled around Switzerland for a week while surviving from the money they earn by selling their packed Korean products at the local flea markets.

3. The House Detox (TvN)

A lifestyle reality show with the goal to apply the ‘KonMari’ method in cleaning one’s house and re-purposing of old possessions into a more useful role, the three MCs Park Narae, Yun Kyun Sang and Shin Ae Ra gather to help people in their house organizing problems.

4. Prison Life of Fools (TvN)

This variety game show explores the limits of the classic ‘Mafia game’ by dividing the show’s cast members and guests into teams where their main goal is to catch the hidden ‘mafia’ member.

5. Salty Tour (TvN)

A Travel Variety show that is a good source of tips on how to travel cheap without sacrificing the quality and experience. In each episode of the show, three of the cast members are given a fixed budget limit to spend for a one day tour that he/she will plan from the accommodation, food and even itinerary. The remaining cast members will then vote for the winner who will then win a ‘small luxury’ prize.

6. Kang’s Kitchen (TvN)

A spin-off of Na PD’s New Journey to the West variety show, this Food Reality show features the same cast members from the original series. The cast are tasked to operate their own restaurant to serve the locals while doing the whole thing on their own. This includes the cooking, serving and even up to washing the dishes.

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7. Hyori’s Homestay (JTBC)

A Reality TV show where Lee Hyo Ri and her husband Lee Sang Sun runs a real guesthouse in their own house in Jeju Island where they got to meet different types of people. Running the guesthouse was not an easy task so they had some help in the form of IU, Park Bogum and SNSD’s Yoona.

8. Why Did You Come To My House? (SkyTV)

The Reality TV show follows the cast member MCs as they visit houses of celebrities to different activities like play games and even throwing house parties.

9. Three meals a day (TvN)

This Food Reality show challenges to the cast members to stay in rural villages for 3 days and use whatever food they can find to create 3 dishes a day.

10. Super TV (XTvN)

A show with no fixed format but to just feature Variety Idols Super Junior in their own show as they show-off their craziness as a group while they adapt to the unpredictable show format. The first season focused on adapting existing variety concept while injecting their very own flavor as a group. The second season on the other hand introduces a different idol group guest every episode that they will have battle with.

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11. House on Wheels (TvN)

A unique Travel Variety show where the cast members lives together and travel around in their small and portable house while they invite guests over.

12. Begin Again (JTBC)

A Music variety show where Korea’s talented musicians go to a foreign country to go busking. In season 4, due to the pandemic crisis the show decided to go around Korea instead to comfort the citizens suffering from the pandemic.

13. Singderella (Channel A)

A Music Variety show where the cast members and the guests battle it out on the Karaoke to win ingredients for their late-night snacks. The first season format was different as the cast try to guess a song’s Karaoke rank instead.

14. Five Cranky Brothers (JTBC)

A Talk show that gathers five different cast members and makes them discuss about a wide variety of topic such as “order of washing (body parts) in the shower” to “things you don’t want your lover to do”.

15. A Man Who Feeds the Dog (Channel A)

A Reality show that follows the lives of celebrity men and their pet dogs.

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