Kim Woo Bin finally opens Instagram account!

South Korean actor Kim Woo Bin has finally opened his Instagram account on November 26 with the username @____kimwoobin and posted his first photo with the caption, Hello, this is Kim Woo Bin.

The black and white photo of himself was taken from one of the pictorial photos from his recent magazine showing his fierce and charismatic look as he stares straight on the camera.

Affirming this account as official, his agency, AM Entertainment reposted the same post of Kim Woo Bin breaking the news to his fans on their Instagram account.

The caption of the post reads, Good news for everyone. Today, Woo Bin finally opened his official Instagram account! Please visit and communicate closely with Woo Bin!

Moreover, his agency also released a statement on July 21 stating that Kim Woo Bin doesn’t have any personal SNS accounts and warned fans against fake accounts under the actor’s name.

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Finally, he now has his own account where fans can interact and show their love with him directly; let us show our support to Woo Bin!

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