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What will you do if you meet strangers from hell?

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The story revolves around Yoon Jong Woo, a young and upcoming crime fiction writer who met strangers seemingly sent straight from hell upon moving into the cheap “Eden” resident studio.

As a crime fiction enthusiast, this psychological thriller immediately found its way to the top of my never-ending K-dramas list to watch. The drama hooked me in, and I was able to finish it in a span of three days.

Mind boggling to the core, here are the five reasons why you should also watch “Strangers from Hell“:

This drama is a psychological thriller with a twist you’ve never encountered before.

Out of all the K-dramas I’ve watched, this drama is one of the best psychological thrillers I’ve ever seen that played so well with the viewer’s mind.

It made me feel a thousand mix of emotions as I was watching it from sympathy to the main character, Jong Woo, to fear of the residents at the Eden studio, and to horror at the prospect of what Jong Woo will become at the end of the drama (watch this drama to find out why).

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Almost hinting at horror, this drama is a definite must watch for crime fiction/thriller lovers like me.

This is Im Siwan’s comeback drama after being dispatched from the military.

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After he was discharged from the military last year, Im Siwan took on the role for this drama and needless to say, he was perfect for it with his sympathetic face and I’m-doing-my-best-in-life personality. From his apartment hunting scene with his baggage to settling for something cheap because of his circumstances, Im Siwan was able to portray well the harsh reality of what’s it like to move out of the safety and comfort of our homes in order to live closer to school/work.

Moreover, Im Siwan’s acting towards the end of the drama is so heartbreakingly sad that it can be a whole reason in itself why you should watch this drama.

You will see a brand-new side to Lee Dong Wook’s acting.

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Though Lee Dong Wook’s role in this drama wasn’t established immediately, his presence and whole aura in the drama was so completely different from the roles he took on before that you might find it a bit unsettling at first.

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And finally, when the moment his character was established, you’ll see a brand-new side to Lee Dong Wook that greatly proved his versatility as an actor. After this drama, you’ll never see Lee Dong Wook in the same light again.

This drama will boggle your mind, make you think, and keep on wanting more.

A true example of a good crime fiction is that it will boggle your mind and make you think not only twice but a lot, which is both achieved well in this drama.

Be sure to stay tuned and alert throughout the drama because the twist and the ending isn’t quite what you’ll expect it to be.

This drama gives a sneak peek of what it’s like to live in a goshiwon.

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Eden studio residence is an example of a goshiwon or the small, economical, and cheap living quarters abundant in Seoul.

In the drama, Jong Woo’s neighbors in the Eden studio were a bunch of weird and creepy individuals and his room is so small that there’s barely enough room for more than one person but in real life, goshiwons are usually frequented by students studying for their exams.

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The reason for this is because it is cheap and affordable and usually does not require a deposit in advance. There are also goshiwons for visiting foreigners who wish to try living in one.

Here’s a look at the set of the Eden Studio in the drama.

Photo from Han Cinema
Photo from Han Cinema

If you love crime fiction/thriller series then “Strangers from Hell” is for you.

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  1. It’s th3 best thing I’ve seen since sweet home, which is insanely good.
    I’m a middle aged mum from Scotland and have never watched anything like this before. I just find everything about Koreans so damn watchable.

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