Seven BTS songs for #7YearsToEternityWithBTS

The number seven will always be considered a lucky number and associated with luck and fortune by many people. With explanations tied up to religion, mathematics, and just the plain belief that seven is a lucky number; for ARMYs however, this automatically means seven boys that truly made an impact in their lives.

The hype and recognition didn’t come overnight for these boys since they debuted back in 2013. Many say that it was in their album HYYH and their first win for I NEED U back in 2015 that really propelled them to where they are now. Now sweeping charts, selling out stadium concerts, debuting and guestings in the US to winning Billboard nominations, and performing at the Grammys. With countless achievements and international recognition, BTS surely is a household name by now when it comes to KPop.

Now recognized as the top Korean boy group that’s taking the world by storm, these seven young men are not just performers but also a confidant to millions of their fans— including me. They are very vocal about their gratitude to their fandom who, as they said, are the reason why they kept going and the reason why they will keep doing this for a long time.

With songs that tackle a lot of issues like mental health and loving oneself, BTS clearly made a mark on a lot of people’s hearts and will continue to do so for the following years. To celebrate this momentous and special day, here are seven BTS songs to celebrate #SevenYearsWithBangtan and into #7YearsToEternityWithBTS.

Spring Day

Starting off with a very familiar word— bogoshipda or I miss you— this song is not just dubbed “queen” because of its ability to top charts even with new releases from the band it is a saving grace for many ARMYs. With the most memorable and tear-inducing line that is…

“..because no darkness or no season can last forever.”

Spring Day serves as a message that things will get better, it may not be instant, but it is with the promise to see another break of the day headed towards a beautiful tomorrow.

2! 3! (Still wishing there will be more good days)

Popularly known among ARMYs as dul set, the song is the first song of BTS dedicated to the fandom. 

(So thanks) for believing in someone like me, for bearing the tears and wounds

(So thanks) for becoming my light, for becoming that flower in the most beautiful moment in life

It’s okay When I say one, two, three, forget it!

Erase all the sad memories, Hold my hand and smile

As part of the fandom, we have always talked about how BTS came to our lives when we needed them the most. This song on the other hand is a testament to their dedication and love through the honest lyrics and fervent hope for more good days to come— together with us. Now that we’re all here, band and fandom, in the seventh year we can only hope for more happiness and strength to go forward hand in hand.

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Young Forever

Forever we are young

In the fluttering flower petal rain, I wander and run in this maze

Forever we are young

Even if I fall, get wounded, and it aches, I run endlessly to my dream

Endure. Dream. Hope. Move Forward.

The song transmits the message that even if there are setbacks, from within ourselves or from people around us and our environment, look ahead and move forward. Find comfort in ourselves and never let go of our dreams.

Magic Shop

The second song written for the fandom, Magic Shop holds a very deep meaning to us and the boys. Explained as a psychodramatic technique that exchanges fear for a positive attitude. Magic Shop to us is a door towards comfort, a place where we get together and support each other.

On a day you hate being yourself, on a day you want to disappear forever,

let’s build a door in your mind

Once you open the door and enter, this place will wait for you

It’s okay to believe Magic Shop that will comfort you

Casting out fear from our lives may be a big and prolonged struggle but having the right outlook and the right support; in case of BTS and ARMY, we can overcome struggles that are brought forth by our fears. Just remember, when we feel overwhelmed, we can always open the Magic  Shop inside our hearts and there BTS will be.


Definitely an uplifting song as the song starts off with an instrumental intro that is very hopeful, Mikrokosmos can also bring you to tears. Literally meaning a small universe, the song describes the universe between the band and ARMYs that share equal amounts of adoration for each other.

Perhaps, that tonight is yet again making such a beautiful face

is not because of the darkness nor the moonlight but because of us

You got me, I got you

In the pitch-black nights, each other’s light that we each other saw

Speaking the same thing, we were

The starlight that shines more in the deepest night

The starlight that shines more the deeper the night gets

We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal

Released as part of their 2020 FESTA Celebration, We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal is the latest tribute song to the band’s journey and a definite tear-inducing song because of it’s MV.

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Showing nostalgic animations like the old Bighit practice room, the past BTS eras, and other significant moments that elicits bittersweet memories for the band and the fandom like the HYYH Live On Stage. This is a testament to their journey on becoming stronger and being one with ARMY.

We were only seven

But we have you all now

After seven winters and springs,

at the tips of our fingers interlocked

Yeah we got to heaven

Born Singer

Days when we ran, days we went through together

Three years of time, our hearts that altogether became one

My blood and sweat drench me, my tears well up in my eyes after the stage

I remind myself every single moment that I don’t forget the very original intention

that I always stay as myself so that I don’t feel ashamed of myself in front of myself of the beginning 

Last would be Born Singer— a confession, this is what this song is. A confession of all the hardships that comes from within and shadows that pull them back, hardships they faced from the people and critics around, and the hardships they all endured together. This song will always be a reminder of who they were and who they will become.

These are just a small number of songs from their discography and there may be songs that mean more or differently to other ARMYs. Indeed, this year’s anniversary celebration would be different because of current events but the important thing is that we can all say that we will support them anyway we can. We’re in this Bangtan Seonyeondan gig for life.

Lastly, let me leave a personal message to commemorate this special day…


The words you all have weaved into the lyrics of your songs will always be something precious to me for they have helped me in the darkest and most trying moment in my life. Right at the moment that I felt that the only thing that could solve my problem is to disappear, you all came, you were that slight sliver of hope, the small light in a dark tunnel I was in.

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You saved me and you became my refuge, your music gave me hope, you’re the beautiful moment in my life— my hwayangyeonhwa. I have a lot to say but I’ll focus by sharing with you the word “tahanan” or home – one of the songs from your MOTS: Persona album and one word I love from our language.


It’s a Filipino term with the root word “tahan” which means to stop crying. One way or another, that’s what a home is for us— a place where you find comfort; place where everything can be endured as long as that place contains the people you most cherish.

A home is not necessarily a place where you don’t cry, it’s understandably a place of comfort. A place where even when you cry, there are those who will cry with you, there are those who will make you laugh to stop you from crying, there are those who will share their wisdom, there are those who will hug you and tell you that it will all get better.

It’s a place teeming with love, it’s a place of protection from all the bad and worst things this crazy world can offer. A place where you are, a place where I am, a place where we can just be. Place with the most beautiful sunrise and sunsets, the purest snow, the greenest trees, a place with the warmest and most supportive people. Home in you. Home in us. Our home.

Isn’t this what your song wanted to convey to us… that we are your home and in turn you, too, have been a refuge for all of us. All of us who were lost, all of us who were hurting, all of us who were giving up, all of us who were alone in this world— your Whaliens— we all found you and you seven became our home.

With that, let me leave a message in our vernacular language:

Kayong pito ay kasama sa mga taong tinatangi ko sa aking puso, na pinag-aalayan ko ng dalisay na pag-ibig. Kayo ay nagsilbing tahanan ko sa mga panahong matindi ang silakbo ng aking damdamin at madilim ang aking mga isipin at pananaw. Itinadhana ang pagdating n’yo sa aking buhay at dahil doon, maraming, maraming salamat!

Here’s to #7YearsToEternity with you!

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