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Disney+ brings ARMYs and BTS J-Hope closer with the upcoming documentary: ‘J-Hope In The Box’


As BTS members embark on their individual journeys while finding what other things they are passionate about. And one of those is creating their own album that represents their own creativity and style.

One of the BTS members who pursued his own style in music is BTS’s lead dancer and rapper Jung Hoseok, who is better known as J-Hope. He had recently released his first solo album called Jack In The Box, an album filled with amazing music that ARMYs love.


But have you ever wondered how each piece of music was created?

No need to worry because Disney+ got you covered as they will soon release the highly anticipated documentary of BTS member, J-Hope, called “J-Hope In The Box”.

The documentary will take you behind the scene showcasing the creation and challenges that he faced in preparation for his first solo album, “Jack In The Box”. But it does not stop there, as the documentary will also give you front-row seats to J-Hope’s 2022 Lollapalooza performance and the album’s listening party.

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J-Hope in the Box is set to be available for streaming starting February 17, 2023, just a day before our Hobi’s Birthday!

So what are you waiting for? Mark those calendars and set the date with your friends as you all share your love with our one and only sunshine, J-Hope.

We know that February 17 is still a bit far, but Disney+ got you covered.

While waiting, there are two shows that ARMYs can watch. BTS: Permission to Dance on Stage-LA on Disney+, an exclusive cinematic 4K concert film featuring BTS’ live performance at Los Angeles ‘ Sofi Stadium last November 2021. And not only that, but they can also enjoy In The SOOP: Friendcation on Disney+. A show that shows the wonderful friendship that BTS V formed with Park Seojun (Itaewon Class), Choi Wooshik (Parasite), Park Hyunsik (Soundtrack #1), and Peakboy.

Follow Disney+ for more updates on their upcoming shows.

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