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K-drama recommendation: “Meow, The Secret Boy” a must watch romcom drama

Meow, The Secret Boy also known with its other title Welcome already premiered on March 25. It will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 PM KST on KBS 2TV.

The two episodes with 30 minutes running time each are now available. If you want to watch it, you can look for it on Viu.

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Meow, The Secret Boy tells the story of a cat that turns into a man named Hong Jo. He always listens to Sol Ah’s confessions about life and her troubles. Then, he finds a way to help her feel better.

Kim Myung Soo takes the role of a cat who has the ability to transform into human. While Shin Ye Eun plays the role of a woman working on a graphic design company who happens to take care of the cat.

If you want to know more about the said drama, feel free to read my thoughts below. I also included few spoilers and comments I garnered from other fans who have already seen it.

My Thoughts

Although Meow, The Secret Boy is an ongoing drama, I decided to watch it because of Kim Myung Soo. The other reasons are the main lead’s chemistry shown in videos and its promising storyline. I’ll tell you, I am not a fan of ongoing dramas as I want it to be completed first but this one is so good!

The drama started with an interesting short interview of those who have pets. It’s cute how they shared their stories ending up with their different pets. For me, it simply shows how important every animal is and it already made me smile.

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Truthfully, I wasn’t expecting something big in the next scenes because it was just starting. However, these two episodes really made me feel so happy. I kept on laughing and gets curious while watching.

Although I am not a fan of Shin Ye Eun, I can definitely say that her acting skill is superb! She’s portraying her character, Sol Ah, so well giving more excitement to the viewers. It’s interesting on why she’s calling different people likely to cat or dog.

Moreover, I understand well when she said that she hates cats because of its big difference from having dogs. There are really those people who cannot appreciate other animals but Sol Ah didn’t bully the cat even once. However, I am hoping that one day, she’ll be able to see the worth of cats aside from other animals.

Meanwhile, I am more interested with her character’s connection to Hong Jo’s ability to transform into human. Additionally, I also want to know if Hong Jo really has a memory being a human when he was young or if it’s just a dream.

Other than that, my heart fluttered when Kim Myung Soo already appeared. I can seriously tell how his acting skill is improving through hard work and effort he has been putting into it. Even if he never opens his mouth and just speaking on his mind, his expression says his emotions and message perfectly.

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I also love how he suddenly becomes a cat or turns into human. It is somehow thrilling because what if someone sees his transformation?

Furthermore, I would like to applaud the other cast members who are really great in acting! They are showing their best to carry out their roles properly. It’s so good seeing each of them having different strengths. I cannot totally wait to know more about their characters and relationship to one another.

What’s more?

I can say that Meow, The Secret Boy is a must watch romantic comedy K-drama. It has an interesting start and good end for the second episode. If you want something light but will flutter your heart and will make you laugh, this drama is perfect for you! I would also like to include that the cat is so adorable and good in acting. You will surely be amazed with it!

So far, the two main lead didn’t have a lot of interactions yet but they’re showing good chemistry. Moreover, each character of the drama were already given their time to somehow introduce themselves to viewers. What I am also interested about are the family background of Sol Ah and Lee Jae Sun.

As of now, I already sense that this drama has various lessons to teach. First is the worth of every animal and importance of showing love and care to them. Second, don’t judge a cat as you also shouldn’t compare it to other sweet animals like dogs. Third, how can we properly show our consideration to other people?

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A spoiler for you, this drama will show you that cats can also be sweet to its owner. You can lean on them in good and tough times; and it can also help you in anyway it can.

What you can also expect from this drama is its good official soundtracks. It complement the emotions of the characters and vibe of the scenes. In addition, it add feels to viewers while watching.

Other fans’ comments

Below are few of the good feedbacks shared by those who have already watched Meow, The Secret Boy. Upong reading their comments, you will surely get more curious with the drama!

Whether you’re a pet lover or not, you will seriously get fond of Meow, The Secret Boy. It is perfect to those who want to relax and laugh at the same time. You will also get captivated by the actors and actresses as they showcase their acting skills and portray their characters so well.

Kim Myung Soo and Shin Ye Eun, congratulations for the successful premiere! Good luck and stay safe too all the casts and production team.

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  1. I initially watched this kdrama b/c of Kim Myung Soo. Usually, I’d wait for the drama to end its run before watching. I’ve never watched any of the cast’s actor’s dramas but was impressed by their performance.
    Watch this if you’re looking for a light hearted rom-com!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, bes! I’m happy that you’ve enjoyed it.

  2. I initially watched this kdrama b/c of Kim Myung Soo. Usually, I’d wait for the drama to end its run before watching. I’ve never watched any of the cast’s actor’s dramas but was impressed by their performance.
    Watch this if you’re looking for a light hearted rom-com!

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