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How Hallyu Wave Changed Our Lives

Yes bes! We know, that being a Hallyu fan can be life changing. Our idols can make us feel the kiligs whenever we see them perform — be it our screens or live stages. They can make us happy whenever we hear good news from them or even make us worried whenever a bad news came out. Simply said, the influence of Hallyu wave created a big impact in our lives and has influenced us to get through our day.

Here in Annyeong Oppa, from being a solo fangirl, the team grew bigger and has welcomed different fangirls and fanboys who were happy to share their deep love for Hallyu wave. To support Globe’s campaign this #HwaitingMonth, get to know some of our writers who are certified Hallyu fans too!

Chriselle, 19

“So Ji Sub “Hello” in Manila is the first Korean event that I have attended. It has been a decade or more since I became a Hallyu fan but I wasn’t able to attend any concert or even a small gathering in fan clubs.

That night is really special for me; I did not just met my favorite ahjussi but I also met special individuals in my life— Ate Anj, JM, and Tita Bel. Things were really new to me and as an introvert person, I did not expect that I will enjoy the fan meet “to the max.” I cried a little, sang with So Ji Sub, and do the fan chant. The other side of me was seen by many; my heart was on fire.

It was such an exciting fan meet that made me feel as if I am in a concert. I must say that Korean events are not just events to see your idol and mutuals. These are considered special occasion that gives you the opportunity to be healed and comforted by people who might not know you personally but there is this unknown “connection.”

Dreams really do happen; and if that special day comes to your life, make sure to make the most of it, enjoy, and do not take it for granted.

As blessed as I am, I continually share this memory with others. My mom and I talk about it a lot and we take this opportunity to bond with each other as we both love So Ji Sub.

Ivan, 19

“Hallyu has taken over me from their mouthwatering food, endless K-Pop hits, binge-worthy K-Dramas, and their rich culture.

As a fan, going to events like concerts and fanmeets is surely one of our dreams! I already attended many concerts and I can say that it is really magical, seeing the fans waving their lightstick, singing their hearts out, and painting the venue with love. Fans of Hallyu are the purest!

Hallyu, the one that brings people together. It started many friendships. It spark joy to our precious fangirl/boy hearts. Hallyu is our home.”

Jon, 19

“I must admit, Hallyu wave has struck me when my classmates started pulling me to watch classic Asian series together with trending KDramas back when I was in High School. Since then, not a single day that missed talking about on what episodes are our favorite, which actors melt our hearts the most, and what OSTs should we listen during lunch breaks. Now, I never knew that from a simple Hallyu-topic conversation with my classmates back in High School, turns into a great friendship that I can truly cherish and keep. Thanks to Hallyu wave, people that I have shared my feels with before, became the people whom I share my life’s ups and downs now.

Here are my “mumshies”: Brie, Ria, Kristine, and Mark (not that much for him HAHA). I can say we started with one liking, and until now, I am happy that we are able to continue and strengthen our friendship. Indeed, loving and embracing the Hallyu wave is not just about watching great amounts of dramas, or going to your idol’s fanmeets, or even collecting merchs, but about how it inspires you and keeps you alive, the feels that you can share with everyone and a friendship that can be built out of plain love.

I can say that my journey started when I, as a curious and bored HS student, got along in a before fad. As time goes by, I started to love and appreciate a little of everything about it, and now, it has became a big part of my life.”

Hazel, 22

“I actually grew up listening to K-Pop. I first met UKISS wayback in 2009. And honestly, that was the era when K-Pop was considered as jologs and our idols were often called as gays. But that didn’t stop me from supporting them!

Now that I’m currently working, I am now able to attend shows that I like! Listening to different K-Pop songs and even watching different Korean shows are my happy pills. The influence of Hallyu wave became an opportunity for me to meet new friends and understand myself (and my love for Hallyu) more! We were able to do events that allows us to give back in our communities. I think, that is the beauty on how Hallyu wave can change a person’s life. Meeting new people with the same passion and love gives me a boost of positive energy!”

Sarah Ji, 28

My life as a fangirl started during Meteor Garden days. This really paved the way to where I am now and that is I became one of those million fans who loves Hallyu. I started being a K-drama fan for over a decade now and recently, I am into K-pop (iKON and Golcha).

What I love about Hallyu is, it gave me happiness and it took me into a beautiful place where every fans can share their sentiments with each other. I met a lot of new friends whenever I attended an event. Listening to K-pop songs calms my heart and soul. This is how Hallyu influence my lifestyle and I’m the happiest.”

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Lee, 37

“I never knew that KPop would change my life in so many ways. I am more of a KDrama fan and KDrama OST lover. While watching Fight For My Way, I fell in love with Ko Dong Man’s entrance song. I searched for it and found out it was fire by BTS. My daughter tried introducing me to them before, but for some reason I was not yet ready at that time. Until that moment when I heard their up beat tune that I have to pause the drama and search for it. After seeing the MV, I just continued clicking for more. I even gave myself 2 hours to know all of their names and in the process, I learned their story and the story they want to tell. I fell in love with their Love Yourself campaign and tried to apply it to myself.

Stanning them for someone my age is not easy. I always get critize for it. But that did not stop me. Because the gift I received in return is more important than what other people say. I became closer to my daughter and found a safe haven for myself. Like what I learned from them, fangirling/fanboying knows no age, gender, social status or skin color. Instead fangirling/fanboying cross all boundaries even language barriers, creating a safe haven for everyone who needs it. It’s our sweet escape, our alternate universe that gives us time to heal, recharge and be happy.

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