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Lee Seung Gi confirms to star in new psychopathic drama “Mouse”

South Korean actor Lee Seung Gi is confirmed to star in tvN’s upcoming drama Mouse (literal translation).

Photo Source: Naver

Mouse tackles about psychopathic story where humans can identify psychopaths through fetal genetic test of the fetus from the mother’s womb.

And it centers with the question, would you give birth to the baby if you will find out that s/he is a psychopath?

Moreover, Lee Seung Gi will play the role of Jeong Ba Reum, a new policeman who is known for being a good young man.

His life will completely change after a confrontation with a natural-born psychopath killer who terrorized the nation.

Lee Seung Gi who earns the title of Irreplaceable Lee Seung Gi in his recent drama Vagabond, proves his versatility and wide-spectrum acting ability in the entertainment industry.

Fans already anticipated his character in the upcoming drama on how he will portray it and win the heart of viewers.

The production team shared, “Mouse has a unique theme that is completely different from the other psychopathic drama.”

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“Please pay attention to Lee Seung Gi’s acting transformation, who has shown his strong and charismatic look in various fields, as he play the role of Jeong Ba Reum,” they added.

Photo Source: Naver

Furthermore, Choi Jin Hyuk is still in talks to join the said drama. Mouse is scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2021.

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